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This site was founded and continues to be maintained by yours truly, Gary Richard Haworth. The woman at my side is my dear wife Rhonda. This project is a gift of sorts, to my family. I know that my father used to have people visit the site but it sat for some time with no content. I intend to pack it with content so that family members might invite others to visit and learn more about the Haworth, Brooder and Cummings families. As always, the site will be continually growing and changing with periods of intense activity and others of seeming dormancy. I will however, try to update it frequently enough to make it interesting to visit from time-to-time. Please visit our Contact page to provide feedback or to contribute content.

Haworth Family Website 

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What You Will Find Here Haworth.Net is a collection of stories, documents and photos relating to the Haworth family in America, particularly my lineage. This site is and will continue to be a work in progress. Contributions and feedback are welcomed and encouraged. Thanks for visiting, enjoy your stay and y’all come back.
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