Videos Available Here I have uploaded several videos to YouTube in the last couple of days, all taken a few weeks before my brother Clayton passed away. You can now find these videos right here on our website. Just click the Videos tab at the top of any page.
Cool Project! Just got a request from my uncle Skip to build a website for his motorcycle club. Sounds like a project I can have a lot of fun with. 
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The concrete has been poured, got industrial shelving erected, help coming next Saturday. Goint to start moving the final items from the house tomorrow. Next weekend we’ll start on Dad’s shop.

For Sale

Dad left quite a number of vehicles tools and pieces of equipment behind, more than I need or can use. Consequently we will be selling many ot the items. Among the items going up for sale are a horse trailer, a small tractor, a 1998 Chevy, Diesel van, lawn tractors, generators and many hand and power tools. Much of it will be posted on Craiglist or eBay but I would like for family and friends to have first pick. I’ll post some images of the items here on the site when the sale starts. More Work, Little Time Now that my plate if full with trying to get all of the tools and machinery moved from my Dad’s place to mine, I suddenly get swamped with balancing orders for Haworth Technologies! Can’t complain, it’s much better money than I can make on my job.
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facebook If you want to stay abreast of changes to this site, just check facebook once in awhile. I will be primarily using facebook just for that purpose in the future, to deliver news of site updates and developments.
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A Slowdown Ahead  Now that I’m diligently working on this site one again, I  am getting covered up in balancing work so updates to the site will become  less frequent, at least for a while. The photo to the left is my cybercave where all of this happens. I am well  equipped with the necessary hardware and software to maintain this site.  Now if I can just find the time.