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Tuned-in Together When we undertake a new project, Rhonda takes the theme and runs with it, offering many spot-on ideas and bringing home treasures that fit just perfectly into the plan. What a great wife.
Step Back in Time We started work on the High Noon Saloon in 2006, just before Mom passed away. We worked feverishly to finish it in time so that she could enjoy it with us but she was gone before we could get much done. We pressed forward in spite of the grief and ended up with a room that has given us many hours of enjoyment. The High Noon Saloon, combined with the Tiki Lounge has been the site of many great gatherings. The plan came into being because my wife, Rhonda, wanted to have a pool table. Am I a lucky guy or what? Not having the financial resources to add on a stick- built structure, we found a used mobile home that had been utterly trashed so we picked it up for a song. It cost twice as much just to move it to our property. Once we got started on it we gutted it completely and tore out all but the load bearing walls. We purchased antique furnishings including a nickel slot machine from 1946 and an exquisite curio cabinet for many of our unique little nik-naks. I built an 8’ bar using maple flooring from a retired cotton mill, then installed an 8’ maple pool table with hand carved legs, leather pockets and mother of pearl inlays and finally we added a Western electric candlestick phone from 1920. Yes, it works. We originally took a purist approach, trying to keep the electronics to a minimum but I let myself be influenced by a cousin who suggested we install a TV. One thing led to another and we now have a 55” LED TV, Blu Ray player, Sony 7.1 surround system and a Lenovo Windows 7 Nettop PC the size of a DVD case which uses the TV for a monitor. Great for Google Earth and slideshows. I’ve since considered changing the name to the High-Tech Saloon.
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