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Underway, any day. At this point I believe we have either a bent or misaligned propeller shaft. I’m hoping we won’t have to take her out of the water again but it may come to that if the shaft is indeed bent.
Our 1989 Hunter 31’ Sloop  On Labor Day of 2012, Rhonda and I went looking for a sailboat. In October we signed for the 1989 Hunter 31 which we have been restoring since. We’ve encountered many obstacles and pitfalls along the way but she’s coming along nicely. We’ll continue to post updates here as we progress. Click here to view specifications. One of our fist decisions was to change her name. She was “Annie’s Song” when we purchased her but we looked at all that green and golden teak and decided to change her name to “Virginia.” Before placing the lettering and dogwood images on the transom however, we had to restore the shine to the fiberglass hull. This required wet sanding with 600 grit, then 1200 grit, then 2000 grit cloth followed by scrubbing with rubbing compound, then polishing compound. Finally we applied two coats of wax. Rhonda did most of the labor on the hull as I was busy working with the propeller shaft and cutlass bearing.
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