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Daddy-o’s Patio This patio was the last big project Dad and I worked on together. The man shoveled all of the sand, gravel and cement into the mixer then poured it into a wheelbarrow which I would then dump into the forms and finish. It really brought us together after many years of being somewhat estranged.
Summertime Serenity We created the Tiki Lounge in the spring of 2002. Rhonda and I were calling it simply, “The Japanese Garden,” then our friends Don and Linda Jones came to enjoy an evening with us and Don dubbed the place, “The Tiki Lounge.” It stuck. We’ve spent many a night grilling supper in the Tiki Lounge, watching the foxes come up to eat out of a dish we provided for them, all the while guitars and a harmonica filling the air with blues. We hosted our 18th anniversary party, and Brit and Anthony’s wedding reception in our Tiki Lounge, as well as many other events attended by over thirty guests. We have expanded it over the years to include a gazebo under which we do our cooking, and a patio with a fire pit. While we have had large gatherings in the Tiki Lounge, some of my favorite times were just sitting there with Rhonda, listening to the waterfall in the pond and watching the fish come up to nibble.
The Tiki Lounge
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